Taboo swaps buzzers for squeakers...

My wife recently purchased a new game of Taboo (for work, believe it or not), and we both discovered an interesting change: the old electronic buzzer had been replaced with a new squeezable squeaker. I applaud the change: it costs less, it's more recyclable, it doesn't need batteries, and a squeak works just as well as a buzz in letting your opponents know they just lost a point. The only thing it's worse at is pretending to be an electric razor for a chuckle. Oh well - I'll take it!

InfiniteUSB: Every plug's a port again...

The "U" in USB might as well stand for "ubiquitous" - it's a standard that's everywhere, used by most people many times every day. That means it's especially frustrating when you need more USB ports than you have (I'm looking at you, Macbooks). So here's a design which, if widely adopted, would really help: InfiniteUSB's plan is that every plug is also a port - so a plug doesn't take a port, but rather uses it and passes it along. I can think of more than a few times when this would come in handy - and those were just yesterday! Until everything's wireless and has infinite battery life (c'mon, future!), something like this is a great idea.
[via Gizmodo]

Parsonal: Mass-customized furniture...

Nashville-based Arrister has a new project called Parsonal: mass-customized furniture where customers can dial in the exact size, shape, and finish of a number of basic designs. This is pretty handy if you have a small or constrained space and need  just the right thing to fit; in the long view, such customization may enable more people to live comfortably in less space, increasing the efficiency of, you know, the entire human race. But that's the future; for now, it's just about getting a nice table that fits and matches your decor!
[via Core77]

Ideas vs Execution

The mythos of Silicon Valley tech innovation is very much about ideas: once you have the next great idea, success is assured and you'll change the world in no time. But it's just not true: execution is much more important. Julie Zhuo writes about it, pointing out that Google wasn't the first search engine - nor was the iPhone the first smartphone, and so on. Execution of the idea makes all the difference - and critically, that means that past failures of an idea don't necessarily invalidate the idea. Just make sure you have the right people to execute!

File-Naming in Real Life

Yep, this looks pretty familiar. I've always said that the best way to guarantee that more changes are coming is to label a file "final." Sure, there are real best practices for file naming (I'm a devotee of YYMMDD labeling so they self-sort, woohoo!), but hey, those are boring. This method gives a window into the chaos of creation!
[Doghouse Diaries, via Gizmodo]

Long Live the Pizza Saver!

In a world of fast-changing technologies, it's rare to find a product that passes the test of time - but if there's anything that has, it's that little plastic pizza saver. Gizmodo wrote an appreciation on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the patent, and sure enough, it doesn't seem to have changed a bit since. It's a design that's everything it needs to be and nothing more; efficiency, form, and function in perfect harmony. Not only that, but it benefits from the positive association of being something you see right before you eat pizza. Not a bad gig for a little piece of plastic!
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"You must choose wisely..."

So if one of these buttons flushes the toilet (in an Amtrak train lavatory), what does the other one do? And which is which?? That nice red anodized one looks so tempting, it must be a trap...