Clear Trash Cans - Even terrorism can inspire design...

Many of the product designs I blog about are for perfect-world scenarios, where users are able and smart, and situations are unencumbered by malicious elements. But the real world isn't like that, and designs for real-world problems can be just as compelling. This is one, from HUB Street Equipment, addresses the problem that terrorists could hide bombs in public trash cans. The solution: clear trash cans, where explosives can't hide. Sure, you can see the rubbish inside - but that may additionally motivate people to conserve more and produce less waste! And they don't look too shabby, either.

[via Core77]

Cereal & Milk: No explanation needed...

Yep, this one speaks for itself - and that's good, because I have no idea where it came from, other than that it was shared by friend Celeste Roschuni. And I'd say this is an even better design than one I'd posted way back in 2007. Crunchy (but in the good way)!

Pedal Faucet + Ski Boots = :-(

Here's another gem from friend and frequent contributor Pete Kazanjy - and folks, this one is original material! That's Pete in his own photo, seen in the mirror of a ski-resort bathroom. He's pointing out that pedal faucets, which are usually a great idea, don't work well when you're wearing ski boots - they become something of an (ahem) unpressable button. And by the way, adding an extra "e" to the word "operate" doesn't help either... Thanks, Pete!

"Silence" Alarm Clock with Shake'n'Wake!

Sent my way by friend and former coworker Celeste Roschuni, designer Johan Brengesjo's concept "Silence" alarm clock has a couple of neat tricks up its sleeve. The whole silent-vibrating-ring thing isn't so new - I blogged about a similar concept back in 2007 - but it's still a great idea to use a tactile alarm that won't disturb your partner. The interesting addition here is what I'm calling "shake'n'wake" - you shake your hand to snooze, but have to shake harder each time you want to snooze more. After a while, all that effort and motion will wake you up anyway - nice!