Time Buddy, for the weary globalized time-traveler

Scheduling a meeting for teams in two time zones can be challenging; increase it to three or four around the world (a feat my wife accomplishes frequently), and it's higher math than most mortals can do. Time Buddy is a well-designed solution to the problem: it's not too "simple" (in the modern trendy style) to be limited, and not too complex to be overwhelming. It's approachable and intuitive, with colors for business, personal, and sleep times, and it has more advanced features for those who need them. Best of all, that nice black highlighting rectangle slides gracefully to the best time by default, providing an easy instant answer. If you're scheduling a multi-time-zone meeting, check it out - I doubt you can do any better.
[via Lifehacker]

Actibump, a speed bump only for speeders

Speed bumps have a certain brute-force, undeniable effectiveness: you'd better slow down, or you car (and your butt) will be very unhappy. One problem is that this affects those obeying the speed limit as well as speeders; everyone gets a compromised ride experience. Swedish firm Edeva has designed a solution: Actibump, a speed-dependent speed bump. Radar detects the speed of an oncoming vehicle and adjusts the bump accordingly, and if you're below the speed limit, there's no bump at all. There are certainly tradeoffs here: the unit could break down (which traditional speed bumps won't do); there's the issue of educating the driving public about those "bump if speeding" signs. But if everything goes smoothly, it could result in everyone going more smoothly, too.
[via Core77]

"New Mac" Scented Candle

One way you could look at the "New Mac" scented candle from Twelve South is that $24 is a lot to pay for a candle. Another way is that it's a lot less than the grand you'd drop on an actual new Mac. So if you really need your fix of sensory stimulation to trigger memories of new tech toys (which apparently smell like "mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin and sage" - who knew?), maybe this is for you. I mean, consumers have been craving that new car smell for decades...
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