"You must choose wisely..."

So if one of these buttons flushes the toilet (in an Amtrak train lavatory), what does the other one do? And which is which?? That nice red anodized one looks so tempting, it must be a trap...

Cover-brella keeps things together...

It's one of the tiny conveniences of life, but personally, I like having a cover for my umbrella: it keeps a dry umbrella looking clean and contained, and keeps a wet umbrella from soaking everything it touches. The price paid for an umbrella cover is keeping track of the darn thing, a tiny vinyl sleeve that's almost begging to become lost. Thankfully, it's Nendo to the rescue with the Cover-brella, which stores its cover inside the handle. If I can feel like I have everything just a little more together, especially on a rainy day, I'll take it!
[via Gizmodo]

Tiya Convenient Floor Drain: Yes please!

I'll present this without explanation, because, well, no explanation is needed! Perhaps that's why it won designer Chen Wanting a Red Dot Design Award. Now - where can I buy one...?
[via Core77]

Post-It Notes Go Digital

From years in the design industry, I've used more than my share of Post-It Notes: color-coded, clustered and grouped, with text and doodles, trying to find those all-important "insights." Inevitably, the result is captured with a few photos, then archived for reference. However, 3M thinks Post-Its can make a more useful digital transition, offering an app where individual notes are captured from that overall photo and made sortable on your device of choice. Granted, it won't be as smooth as the life-size tactile interaction of paper squares (at least not until we have wall-sized touchscreens in project rooms), but it's a start!
[via Engadget]