Apple Pencil's Precarious Charging

Apple recently announced a stylus called the Pencil, and Kinja's CitizenjaQ quickly noticed that its charging design leaves a little to be desired. It sticks out the end of your iPad's bottom port - straight out, begging to be snapped off and cost you a cool Benjamin.  Even more strangely, you can only charge the Pencil from an iPad that, itself, is not charging. CitizenjaQ summarized it best: "Right? That’s weird?" (Plus, you're going to lose the charger cap in no time.)

Walkbump: Fist bump to cross the street.

I've always said that buttons should be enjoyable to press. Well, I bet you can't fist-bump this crosswalk button without cracking a smile and having a better day. Walkbump is exactly what it seems to be, and I'm a fan!
[via Engadget]