Clear Trash Cans - Even terrorism can inspire design...

Many of the product designs I blog about are for perfect-world scenarios, where users are able and smart, and situations are unencumbered by malicious elements. But the real world isn't like that, and designs for real-world problems can be just as compelling. This is one, from HUB Street Equipment, addresses the problem that terrorists could hide bombs in public trash cans. The solution: clear trash cans, where explosives can't hide. Sure, you can see the rubbish inside - but that may additionally motivate people to conserve more and produce less waste! And they don't look too shabby, either.

[via Core77]

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CoryC said...

Nice design, but these are better. SECURR has created the HS Series Clear Sided Waste and Recycling Bins. We worked with the Long Island Railroad to create a strong and attractive container that complies with the DHS directives imposed in response to the Madrid Bombings.