Attention Signage Designers: Think about what you write.

Okay, just look at it.

Now think about it: quick, you're in line for a ski lift, you're taking off your gloves, getting your poles together, trying not to fall over and knock everyone else down like dominoes, keeping up pace to not tick everyone off... wait, what's the seat height? How high is your butt?? Ouch!

'16" to 18" +/- 2 INCHES.' For those doing the math, this should be either 14" to 20", or 17 +/- 3 inches. And to boot, it's also mixing two different symbols for inches (" and INCHES) and letter cases (all caps everywhere except "to"). It's practically a work of art!

Sure, there are lots of signs that exist primarily to meet legal requirements - and in these cases, the content is often dictated by law, and in legalese. What's forgotten along the way is the end user - the sign exists to satisfy a law which in turn exists to inform a user. If only we could get the message to the user, and skip the legalese! Alas, 'twas ever thus.

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