Rolling Water - sometimes designs just make sense...

It's that "why didn't I think of that?" feeling - or in this case, "why didn't they think of that?" - which identifies a truly well-designed product. This one, the Q-Drum from Hans Hendrikse, pretty much speaks for itself - but I'll speak for it anyway so as to heap some more praise on the already-tall pile.

In third-world countries, clean water sources are often far away from residential areas (as a rule, to the extent that residential areas pollute any immediately local water to the point of non-potability). Porting the clean water takes a lot of effort and energy, which is of special concern where sufficient nourishment is already difficult, and even more so when children are sent to do the work.

So all that's needed is a durable, cylindrical water container - low-cost to manufacture and distribute, almost infinitely reusable, even useful for other purposes - and a rope to tow it. There's a lot of potential to help those who need it most, here. Way to do good by designing well!

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