Engagement Rings: Looks getting in the way of life?

I just recently got engaged, so these kinds of issues have been on my mind lately - but I've realized that there's usually a bit of a tradeoff between engagement rings that look good (as my fiancee and I say, a ring with a "BFD"), and those which are easy to actually live with. The bigger the diamond, the more it sticks out to hit, catch, and scratch everything in the vicinity of the lady's left hand.

Now, it's not to say that things are as bad as the joke design shown at left (that's the "Killer Diamond Engagement Ring" by Tobias Wong), but with some thought, it seems possible to have both the big diamond and a livable design. Consider the custom design shown at right, by my friends at RedStart Design - beautiful and unique, but with the sharp edges of the stone protected from undesired interaction with the more vulnerable elements of the ring's immediate surroundings. Of course, those designers have even more experience in the intersected areas of ring design and safety - below is their "Subtle Safety" ring, which folds out to become a self-defense tool...

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