Rental Car Keys - permanent linking defeats the purpose!

I'm currently on vacation, and enjoying the very best $10,000 car that Alamo has to offer. Surprisingly, it's not the car that's been on my nerves -- it's the keys. Both keys, and a fabulous fob ("fobulous?") were permanently linked with a crimped steel cable keyring.

There are plenty of good reasons to give two keys to a car renter - keys can get lost, or other people may need access to the car (even if, as I was often reminded by the automated check-in, nobody else can drive it). But every conceivable reason for having two keys is obliterated by those keys being inseparably linked. And don't get me started on that bulky, yellowing-plastic, handwritten-tagged piece of pocket pollution that's along for the ride...

So I cut the keyring, and now carry only one key and something a little more useful. The full set will be returned on a standard keyring and hopefully passed on in that state to the next renter. And if they fine me, well... it was even kinda worth it.

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