Security Ring - automated privacy, questionable bling...

From designer Yang Hai on Yanko Design (and through Gizmodo), the concept here is security automatically enacted based on proximity. The user wears the ring while at work, and the base station is attached to the user's computer. When the ring gets farther than a certain distance from the base, the computer is locked, or windows minimized, or whatever would be appropriate for the workplace. Not bad; if this kind of intra-workspace security is really needed, making it automatic will no doubt make it actually be done more! (See a previous post on the power of suggestion and defaults to encourage desired behavior.)

As with all designs, it's not without its flaws. First, the ring looks... well, I wouldn't wanna wear it. And the Gizmodo post mentions their use of Bluetooth phones' proximity to their computers for the same purpose - nice because it's a software solution built around existing hardware, and because many people carry their phones everywhere anyway.

But still, not bad. Except the techno-bling. That's bad.

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