Storefront Sign: Good cop, bad cop, all in one sheet...

I went wine tasting in Sonoma this weekend, and while munching some excellent sandwiches outside The Cheese Factory in the town square, noticed this sign. Now, my thoughts about little home-printed signs like this are usually about general taste (mixing various fonts, no sense of layout) or the always-fascinating use of many different methods for emphasis (bold, italics, underlines, ALL CAPS, colors, and my pet peeve, "quotes"). But this one's got a whole new thing going on: it plays good cop / bad cop, all in one sign! Check it out, line by line:

[Bad Cop]: It's the law. No need to ask people not to do it - it's the friggin law!

[Good Cop]: Please no alcoholic beverages in front of the store! Well... nice that they asked politely anyway, huh?

[Bad Cop]: (Picture of a criminal behind bars.) Yikes!

[Good Cop]: Please enjoy them in our patio. Thank you! Okay, I'll talk! I'll tell you anything! Just please, leave the psychological games to the movies and get this interrogation lamp outta my face!!!

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Rafael Morgan said...

Really cool one Dave! Very funny!