Magtable - The random-magazine experience?

From Satina Turner at Umbra, the Magtable Coffee Table certainly has that je-ne-sais-quois "neato" factor. Maybe it's just the clean, practical design. Maybe it's the efficient use of the space under the table. Maybe it's the notion that the mail-in cards will fall out of each magazine as it's inserted into the table, so they can be gotten rid of once and for all. Whatever it is, it's slick.

But one thing can't escape my mind about the actual use of this product, which could be viewed either as fault or feature. Unless the user subscribes exclusively to magazines thick enough to bear their titles on the spines, picking a magazine is going to be a random experience. Fine for the adventurous, but not for for those who don't like surprises. Either way, it doesn't put a bit of a dent in that "neato" quality!

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