NosePouch: A little more function, a lot less class...

Sometimes a sneeze packs more of a punch than normal, and a regular hanky or Kleenex might let a bit of the, uh, "shrapnel" fly through the crease. Enter the NosePouch (via Gizmodo), whose makers are counting on that being enough of a problem to justify their product. A small extra flap catches any excess - and probably comfortably cradles the schnoz as well.

But for this small added functionality, there's a lot of baggage: from a usability standpoint, the eponymous pouch has to be properly oriented and aligned to do its job, and quick-acting sneezes aren't often that forgiving. Plus, the elegantly simple, versatile handkerchief must be traded in for a clunky one-trick pony. More than a conversation piece, something about this product begs to be an unfortunate punchline.

And one more thing - the website definitely doesn't help, with design seemingly inspired by late-night informercials and early-90's page layout. And the slogans: "The newest functional innovation in a handkerchief Since The Dark Ages!" "Say good-bye to embarrassing messy dishonorable discharge forever!" "Don't call it a handkerchief..."

...Don't call it mine, either!

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