Fast-Food Menu Ergonomics - Ow, that crick in my neck...

...Actually, in the photo at left, that's my lovely fiancee whose neck is suffering the aforementioned crick. This is our local Pickup Stix faux-Chinese fast-food joint, where the overhead menus are just a bit too... overhead. Standing back from the counter too far to order, as shown, customers still need to work a pretty good body-lean and head-tilt combo to see the options - and once they're at the counter, forget about it, they better have their order memorized!

The obvious solution: put the menus behind the front-counter employees, like the vast majority of fast-food chains. However, since that probably involves more architectural rework cost than corporations like to write off for customers' comfort, the easier solution is a smaller but otherwise identical version of the menu laminated to the counter surface. That "identical" requirement is important - for the sake of avoiding frustration and maintaining fast-food efficiency, nobody wants customers searching for their choices all over again once they reach the hotseat!

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Hi Dave

You are absolutely right...discomfort resulting from exposure to ergonomic risk factors, such as static postures and repetitive motions, include decreased blood circulation, visual problems, headaches, and fatigue.