Post-it Pock-its - New twist on an old classic...

A concept from designers Pu Tai, Ayda Anlagan, and Paul Blease on Yanko Design, the Pock-it is a variation on the ubiquitous Post-its legendary for their versatile usability. Appropriately, this addresses one of the few functions that Post-its were never good at: holding something else up. The danger of original Post-its is that a user could imagine that they'd be able to perform this function, and may actually attempt it, but they just can't be trusted that way. Who knows how many fallen Post-its-plus-cargo have gone "missing" on the floor? And as a solution, Pock-its are designed well - dimensioned to hold business cards, credit cards, gift cards, or currency, and printed with an outline of the adhesive areas for orientation and an instant understanding of the function. The adhesive even stops short of the top, so an edge can be easily peeled from a pad of these things. 3M, are you listening...?
[via Gizmodo]

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