Nail Cushion - One con, one pro, one suggestion...

At left is the Nail Cushion from designer Arthur Se (via Gizmodo) - and my thoughts on this are pretty much that there's one good reason not to go for it, another reason that cancels it out, and a change that needs to be made. The function of the cushion is certainly worthy - saving the fingers of nervous or inexperienced hammerers. But the function isn't new, either, which leads to:

CON: The same thing can be done with an ordinary comb! No need to buy something new.

However, not everyone is aware of that little trick - especially not the inexperienced folks who need it most. So, to cancel out that con:

PRO: Unlike the comb, this product will actually be used when owned by those who need it, especially when they keep it with the hammer to remind them.

The trick is that last part - this will only work when people are diligent about keeping this thing with the hammer! Therefore:

SUGGESTION: Design this thing to clip on to the hammer itself. That way the hammer can't even be used before the Nail Cushion is removed, which ensures that it won't be forgotten!

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