Portable Workstation - Great design for a specific case...

The Planstation Portable Workstation is a desk intended specifically for use at a construction site - and that narrow niche enables its design to be exactly what it needs to be, nothing more, nothing less. We can see some of these design elements in Jai Dixon's review on CoolTools:

"It folds into a large portfolio style case with handles, so it's quite easy to move your 'hub' with you. You have to provide two pieces of plywood, which slip into two pockets to create the rigid surfaces. The [hanging] rings are 48" apart so they line up with any standard 16" O.C. wall stud system. ... The ability to adjust the height is key, [and] there are no legs to deal with."

Products intended for a wide range of users and uses often suffer from attempting too much versatility - it's tough to be everything to everyone. But something which is this focused on being exactly the right thing for one specific use and user stands a pretty good chance of doing it!

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