The Col-Pop: Nuggets and soda, all in one hand...

This invention would seem to be very American, but it's actually debuting
at BBQ Chicken, "Korea's No. 1 Chicken Restaurant!" It's the Col-Pop - an unhealthy (not to mention unholy) aggregation of soda and nuggets into one Frankenreceptacle. Nuggets are carried in the top plastic trough while the soda gets the bottom bunk; however, Serious Eats reports that condensation from the soda results in some soggy nuggets at the bottom. So, how to approach a verdict on this monstrosity from a usability point of view? Well, one-handed use is convenient in plenty of situations - but many shouldn't be encouraged anyway, like drinking/eating and driving, drinking/eating while using a computer, or drinking/eating anything from BBQ Chicken. So if you're ever in a position to order one, go ahead and enjoy it - but remember, everyone's not laughing with you, they're laughing at you.
[via BBG and Gizmodo]

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