Force Feedback Vest - Game injuries get more real...

The Nintendo Wii is a phenomenon that has been praised for its ability to get video gamers off the couch. They're still indoors and mostly stationary, of course, but at least the accelerometer-and-gyro controllers mean they're waving their arms around instead of just twiddling their thumbs - it's a first step. The next step might be this: the FPS Vest simulates the feel of injuries in a first-person-shooter video game. It's smart enough to deliver the right direction and force for different kinds of attacks, which probably helps gamers gain a more immediate awareness of where it's coming from than if it had been delivered with the normal little red triangle on the screen. And hey, isn't this exactly what we all wanted for the next advancement in virtual reality? More realistic pain?? Umm... riiight.
[via Gadget Review and Gizmodo]

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