Greenprint - Saving paper, ink, money, and the world!

Greenprint is a pretty amazing piece of software that not only eliminates some annoyances that I'm sure we've all encountered, but saves money and the environment as part of the deal. Specifically, Greenprint helps you print only what you want to print - especially when printing out webpages, it helps remove unwanted pages (like that last page that seems to always just be a line or two of ads) and unwanted images (big graphic ads which drain your ink cartridges dry). It also includes a tool which makes virtual printing to a PDF file easy, for when you need to save something, but not necessarily a real-world hard copy. Finally, it tracks how many pages, how much ink, and how much money you've saved by using it - and this may be the most important feature of all, making the incontrovertible case for its value. People need that kind of positive feedback to be convinced of progress, and this program delivers exactly that. Save money, resources, time, the world... what's not to like? [via Lifehacker and Download Squad]

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