Birds vs. "Toys," Part II: Revenge!

Well, after that mean ol' hawk ate that poor boy's toy dragonfly, there had to be some kind of repercussion, right? In Round II of Man('s toys) Versus Beast, Spanish company Bird Raptor Srl gives us the Falco Robot GBRS - that's "Gregarious Bird Removal System." Apparently, (real) birds in the vicinity of airports sometimes collide with planes, which is enough of a danger that live falcons are trained and deployed to keep them scared away. This radio-controlled device is simply a replacement for those live falcons, which looks and acts enough like the real thing to get the job done. And it's true that this has a lot of advantages over live falcons - it's more controllable, less expensive, requires less maintenance, and on and on. The product's web site, in wonderfully non-native English, claims that its imitation of a large predator "arouses immediately in the gregarious birds a reaction of hasty escape." Sounds like Round II goes to Man!
[via Cnet and Engadget]

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