Cerevellum - Modular bike computer with rear-view camera

It sounds like bike computers are starting to come of age; previously, they've been able to tell speed, max and min speeds, and distance traveled. These are all well and good, but the Cerevellum (currently in concept phase and somewhat under wraps) ups the ante with a modular system into which you can plug modules providing GPS, heart rate monitor, energy monitor, and rear-view camera functions. That last one sounds particularly useful for safety purposes - I've never used the little helmet-attached rearview mirrors for cyclists, but this way has gotta be better. An extra function that I'd suggest: the camera recognizes when a car is approaching from behind, and when it's about 30-40 yards back, flashes a bright strobe a few times to remind the car that you're sharing the road. Sure, it won't be cheap, but safety is invaluable!
[vai Wired and Gizmodo]

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