Phone with Built-In Headset

Here's a concept that should have been around about 5 years ago to jump-start the adoption of Bluetooth headsets - a phone with its own headset built to dock right into the phone itself, by designer Sunman Kwon on Yanko Design. It solves the problem of what to do with the easy-to-lose headset when it's not in use; the phone can charge the headset while it's docked, so there are fewer chargers and batteries to deal with; presumably the headset turns on and correctly pairs with the handset (never as easy as it should be) when it's removed; and hey, the whole thing looks pretty decent to boot! I just wonder, if there's a good place to store a headset when they're not using it, will all those yuppies still leave them on their ears as some kind of misguided fashion statement? Probably. Ugh.
[via Yanko Design and Gizmodo]

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