Cat Desk Bed - If you can't shoo'em, pamper'em...

Cats are mischievous, bold, independent creatures - they'll be wherever they damn well please, thank you, so deal with it. And having had a cat back at Mom & Dad's house in my adolescent years, I can vouch for this: cats, for some reasons, love computer keyboards. If you're working on a computer, that feline would love nothing better than to put a big furry stop to everything by plopping down on the keys - "what are you doing, and why aren't you petting me instead?" The usual response is to shoo him away, but it's often only a temporary solution that puts any exposed skin at risk of bites or scratches. So here we have a way to accommodate the cat's behavior instead of correcting it: the Kitt-In Box (ugh, that name) from The Refined Feline. It provides an even more comfortable surface than a keyboard - imagine that! - while allowing you to type, and allowing the cat to bask in your productive presence. Good design needs to know when to change users' (humans or pets) natural behaviors, and when to just accommodate them - and of course, when to know the difference. I think this one got it right.
[via Geekologie and Make]

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