Plant-Watering Umbrella Stand - Casual water reuse...

We've already shown a few ways to reuse water on this blog - check out the toilet-top faucet, the brush & rinse toothbrush, heck, even the umbrella water gun. But this one's most similar to the plant-top dish drainer - in fact, it's practically the same thing. The strangely named "Take Care - Umbrella Stand" from What Else Design lets your wet umbrellas drip into a teeny tiny garden, so you're sustaining life instead of dealing with wet spots on the entryway floor. As a bonus, you get a tad more oxygen in the room - and I recall numerous studies showing that plantlife indoors increases morale, energy, mood, intelligence, sex appeal, and, I think, super-hero powers! Not a bad deal.
[via BigChief and Gizmodo]

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