Slim your wallet by putting cards on your phone...

Blogger Albert Alberts (yes, really) of 't Is Goud has come up with a neat trick for keeping his wallet svelte: stop physically carrying most of his membership cards, and instead keep high-resolution scans of them on his iPhone. He's even found that barcodes displayed on the phone's screen will scan successfully. This is a pretty ingenious little trick, especially if you keep your wallet in your back pocket and prefer to sit level on both buttcheeks! However, it's hopefully just a first step toward an eventual streamlining of the whole membership-card universe: I hope and expect that soon, memberships will be able to be associated with drivers' licenses, the SIM cards of mobile phones, fingerprints, RFID tags that may already exist in lots of our things, etc. When all that's needed is access, it's senseless to carry around an extra piece of clutter when we already have so much that it could be linked to!
[via Lifehacker]

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