Spritzer Cup - Sacrificing dignity for comfort...

We've been going through a bit of a heat wave here in the bay area in the last few days - and that may be the only thing that makes this product look more desirable than ridiculous. Truth be told, though, the Spritzer Cup is not a bad idea - a mister built in to a water bottle, for spritzes in between sips, both ice-cold. (Just don't accidentally spray yourself with lemonade or soda!) It just looks... what's a nice way to say mind-numbingly stupid? Of course, it joins quite a few products I've covered on this blog which are mildly useful but crushingly ridiculous, like the Toaster Teapot, the SquidFace Pillow, and the all-time champion Ramen Fan. Still, as hot as it is outside... very tempting!
[via bookofjoe and Gizmodo]

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