Bluetooth Phone in Snowboarding Gloves

Dude - it's not easy keepin tabs on your bros when you're shreddin' a mountain. Ahem - seriously, phones have to be kept safe from ice and snow, and gloved hands can't use tiny mobile handsets or headsets. So, Swany is offering something of a solution: a Bluetooth headset built into a pair of snow gloves. It vibrates when the phone rings - a handy (get it?) feature - and a button on top of the hand answers phone calls. However, the product description has this detail: "speaker and listening device integrated into palm and thumb." I hope they have that backwards - just try simultaneously holding your palm to your ear and your thumb to your mouth! The other way around is definitely preferable - and would be quite literally talking to the hand.
[via bookofjoe and Engadget]

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