Mouse Hitches a Ride on your Laptop...

Those of us who like to use a mouse with our laptops do so at the cost of portability; when you add a mouse (and, God forbid, its cable) to the setup, suddenly you can't sling your laptop one-handed by your hip, lookin' all cool an' stuff. Instead, you're carrying the laptop flat and level, so the little rodent doesn't scurry off the edge, looking more like a nervous waiter with a tray of drinks. For better or worse, Logitech is trying a solution with its new v550 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks - the device comes with a tiny attach point to adhere to the back of your computer's screen, which lets the mouse hitch a ride when you go mobile. I'm not sure how I feel about adulterating the clean look of the back of my screen, and the riding mouse looks a bit like one of those fish that hangs out with sharks and cleans them and eats their scraps, but it might be worth it for the highly-mobile trackpad-hater. Hey, it's worth a shot!
[via Engadget]

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