Laptop Sold In Messenger Bag: Green packaging isn't "packaging!"

I've covered a few environmentally-friendly instances of packaging being useful after it's done the job of packaging: for example, being used as a stand for the TV it contained, being used to make speakers for an iPod, or even being the product itself. But those are all cases (ha) where the packaging has been reused as something else; this is the reverse, where something else is used as packaging! HP won a Walmart-initiated contest to create a product that would reduce environmental impact, by suggesting that their laptop be sold in a real, useful messenger bag rather than cardboard and styrofoam packaging. The bag protects the laptop well enough, while taking less space (improving shipping and storage efficiency), and of course, being useful after purchase. Especially after my recent experiences with excessive packaging, this is a breath of fresh air! Let's hope to see more of this in the future - especially from mainstream juggernauts like Walmart, to show that environmental consciousness can work for more than just the die-hard treehuggers!

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