(no) Clarity in Signage

This is a sign on the door of a local school cafeteria, and though a creative staffer had the opportunity to exercise different typefaces and capitalizations, the message got a bit lost in the shuffle. A first read - or any read from a certain distance - seems to suggest that FOOD must be kept OUTSIDE the CAFETERIA. (PLEASE.) The most important part of the message - the word NO - is lost in lilliputian font! Emphasizing the important parts of a message is fine, but you've gotta make sure those parts are cohesive on their own. And at the very least, this emphasis wasn't done with "quotes!"

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Anonymous said...

Seems odd for schools to not allow food outside of the cafeteria.

More odd school signage: My school's lap pool has a sign that says "Positively No Glass." Shouldn't it be "Absolutely?"