Screwdriver Screw Guide - Lowering the barrier to home repairs...

This is the Black & Decker LI4000 drill/screwdriver, featuring a new little appendage which holds the screw right in place for drilling. And I'm betting that everyone who sees this will have one of two reactions: (1) "Pfft, what a useless waste of plastic, I can hold my own screws, thank you very much," or (2) "Thank GOD, that looks like a tool I could actually use!" And ya know what? "Handy" folks who might be tempted to think #1 should give the #2's a break. Anything which lowers the barrier to do-it-yourself home repairs and improvements should be encouraged, in my opinion, and if this helps then more power to it! Thanks, Black & Decker, for employing good product design to help more people overcome a fear of power tools to become more self-sufficient.
[via Gizmodo, CraziestGadgets, and CoolestGadgets]

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