Pizza from Tivo - Couch potato heaven!

I'm not a big fan of the word, but this just might be a justifiable use of it: synergy. Domino's Pizza and Tivo have teamed up, to allow Tivo users to order delivery from their TV set: just follow the always-easy-to-use Tivo interface to make your choices, and even track the delivery progress until your pie arrives. There's a lot to be said, usability-wise, for this blissful union:
-Orders will be clearly and correctly communicated to Domino's, not like talking to some inattentive teen on the phone.
-The ordering process can be democratized, with all involved parties watching and guiding the choices on the big screen (better than one person on a PC!).
-It's just...right! When you're watching TV, you want pizza, and when you're eating pizza, you want to watch TV.
So yes, I'm giving this one a Tivo-style Thumbs Up. And getting kinda hungry...
[via Gizmodo]

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