Sledding, B.Y.O.Snow

I try to do something fun here on Fridays, and what's more fun than sledding? Of course, it's a problem for those of us who live in dry climates, warm climates, or both (thanks, Sacramento!), but here's a product that makes it possible anyway. Slicer (by 'Ice Meister,' niiice) is a sled that brings its own cold stuff - in this case, ice blocks frozen to its underside. You put the Slicer in your freezer with water, and once it's frozen you're ready to go - on any hill, anytime, winter or summer. I love the simplicity of the idea, and the adherence to the basic principle that makes sledding work: it's still just sliding against frozen water. Though in the summer, the wipeouts might be a little less fluffy...
[via Treehugger and Gizmodo]

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