What to do with bad reviews? Put'em on staff shirts...

San Francisco restaurant Delfina Pizzeria, like most dining establishments, has both good and bad reviews on Yelp from customers. So if you're the owner or manager of Delfina, what do you do about the rants? Put them on the staff members' tee shirts! Maybe not so obvious, but not a bad idea either. What does this accomplish? Let's see:

-It neutralizes the power of the bad reviews. If the restaurant hides from bad reviews, or is ashamed of them, then there's reason for customers to believe there's something to be ashamed of. Putting the rants out there on display is a show of confidence!

-It could provide inspiration and motivation to the staff, making them constantly aware of the possible pitfalls and bad practices to avoid.

-Most importantly, I would guess, is that it shows that the place has a sense of humor. It's always good practice to put a smile on customers' faces (before they stuff those faces with pizza).

Besides, I'm starting to get a hankering for the greasy pig-fat pizza mentioned in the shirt in the photo - mmmm...
[via Boing Boing and Gizmodo]

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