BakerTweet - Finally, a real use for Twitter!

Not to hate on Twitter or anything, but, well, I hate Twitter. It's useless, egocentric, and above all, annoying - and the mainstream media's recent fascination with it has only made things worse. But I guess there's hope for even the most inane of technologies - and lo and behold, someone has found a way to make real use of Twitter! The BakerTweet is a system that allows bakeries to "tweet" their each batch of confections as they come out of the oven. Users can follow the Twitter stream of their local bakery, and always be in the know the very second their favorite treats are hot'n'ready. Wisely, the designers of the BakerTweet made it dead-simple for bakeries, who may not be very tech-savvy: the whole thing is contained in a little box ("bakery-proof") with nothing more than a knob to select the item just baked and a button to tweet it! Brilliant, tasty stuff - there's hope for Twitter yet!
[via Slashgear and Gizmodo]

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