Sneaky - Use "Sent from iPhone" to write short emails...

The plethora of communications technologies that have developed in the last few decades has given rise to social norms around the proper uses of each - norms which accommodate availability, attention, immediacy, and technological limitations. But some clever folks have figured out how to use these norms to their advantage. For example, if you have a long email to which you're dreading having to write a long reply (as is required by the long-form norm of email, as opposed to the short-form norm of IMs or cellphone text messages), simply append "Sent from iPhone" to the end of the message, and feel free to keep it short. Yep, even if it's not actually from your iPhone - because the message's shortness is excused when the reader thinks you had to painstakingly type it on that tiny keyboard. Sneaky, but clever - and in a pinch, definitely useful!
[via Smarterware and Lifehacker]

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