Email 'n Walk - Saving us from our distracted selves...

Mobile devices don't just make people dangerous, inattentive drivers - they make us dangerous, inattentive walkers. Who hasn't seen someone walk right into something while texting? And I'm not talking about tricky moving targets like dogs - this happens with stationary things like mailboxes and friggin' light posts. Anyway, "there's an app for that" - and in this case that app is Email 'n Walk [iTunes App Store link]. Similar to but even better than April Fool's Day texting fApp (fake App? Will that catch on?) TXT'N'WALK, this one lays a live video image of the view your phone is blocking underneath the email you're writing. Clever, definitely. But downloading this App must be a tacit admission that you really need to reprioritize how you apportion your attention bandwidth!
[via Gizmodo]

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