Tota Coffee Carrier - Well balanced, but not quite perfect...

Let's try an analogy: disposable plastic grocery bags are to fabric reusable grocery bags as disposable coffee to-go trays are to the Tota Coffee Carrier. Offered from Ponoko in either gray felt (oooh) or white styrene (meh), this simple laser-cut flat-sheet product folds into a suitcase-style carrier for two cups of coffee. It gets a few things right, like the low-cost simplicity of the production, the luxurious feel of the experience (as anyone who uses reusable grocery bags knows), and most compellingly in my opinion, the "safe" balance of holding the coffee cups from the top rather than grasping them, teetering, from the bottom. But there are some shortcomings, too: my first concern is that the coffee cup must be exactly the right size to fit snugly into the hole, or it will be held by the attachment of the lid to the cup - not a safe situation! Second, it includes a looped carrier for sugar packets - but only the long'n'skinny ones, and nothing for creamer. Still, for the user who finds himself in exactly the right situation for this product, it would be a joy to use.
[via Gizmodo]

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