Windows 7: Double-click to max your vertical...

Windows 7, by all accounts, is full of the kind of little user-interface goodies that make my day - the small stuff that makes a big difference by being well-thought-out, useful, intuitive, and time-saving. The latest of these is a quick way to stretch the open window vertically to the full height of the screen - just double-click when the mouse is on the top edge of the window. This fulfills a definite need, since webpages and documents are usually "taller" than the screen and vertically-maximized windows require less scrolling. Additionally, it improves on the previous solution to the problem, since manually doing the same thing required at least two click-and-drag motions on two different locations. Time will be saved, effort will be spared, and usability will be increased, all with one ingenious little interface tweak. Windows 7, come on down!
[via Lifehacker, including the image!]

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