Sniper Rifle Cup Holder - Deadly and refreshing!

Product designers often opt out of designing weapons for moral/ethical reasons, but hey, someone's gotta do it. And sometimes those who do it come up with interesting things - and this, for better or worse, certainly qualifies as "interesting!" Yup, this is a cup-holder that attaches to your sniper rifle, thanks to Badger Ordnance. So, is this frivolous or useful? At first it seems ridiculous that such an ordinary accessory should go with such an intense product, but with more thought it makes sense: a sniper's job consists of lots and lots of waiting. That waiting is often in the military hot spots of today, which tend to be hot and dry. Why shouldn't the sharpshooter have a libation to quench his thirst? Just hope the target doesn't show up while you're in the middle of a sip...
[via Wired & Gizmodo, photo by Bryan Jones]

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