AccidentSketch - A good tool for when you need it...

Product design often seems to exist in a perfect world, where people use products as intended (and the products work as intended) and everything is free of scratches, smudges, wear and tear. But hey, the real world needs good design, too - and here's a great example of it. AccidentSketch is designed precisely for those moments when things go wrong - when you've had a car accident and need to explain and document exactly what happened. A simple written account is the norm, but it's ill-suited for the complexity of an event that occurred through time and in 3-D space. AccidentSketch's well-designed drawing tools help you put the scenario together clearly and easily - though I would have loved to see animation as an option. Still, it's a great design, a thoughtful offering, and a worthy tool for when you need it.
[via Lifehacker]

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