Pick up the phone, silence the ringer - classic!

Once upon a time, "telephones" were things that sat on desks - and when they rang, you would "pick up" the phone to answer it. It seems antiquated in an age of ubiquitous caller-ID, where you always want to see who's calling (which requires picking up the phone) before answering (which now requires pressing a button). But the HTC HD2, among other Android smartphones, has designed a bit of useful nostalgia: the phone's ringer silences (or at least reduces volume, I can't quite tell) when it's been physically picked up. This is a great idea - it reduces the time from annoyance to silence, and may even allow someone to silence a phone in a bag or purse by just jabbing at the thing. However, it's an idea that requires a robust solution - what if the user is walking or jogging, so the phone (and accelerometer) is constantly being jostled around? The ringer might be silenced before the user has a chance to hear it! The solution - which I hope was used - is only to enable this feature if the accelerometer has been stable, indicating little or no movement, in the moments prior to the ring. Great ideas deserve this kind of robust implementation!
[via User Centered]

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