Dynamic Ads in Google Street View - More or less useful?

The Telegraph recently reported that Google filed a patent to lay new digital advertising content over the photographed billboards visible in their Street View feature. If you followed that sentence and its implications, the next question I'd like to pose is whether this is more or less usable for Street View users? I suggest that it's more usable (and useful), if well-implemented. For one thing, the ads can be better targeted to an internet-based Street View user than a random driver passing by; and truly relevant ads are better for both the advertiser and the viewer. Second, static billboards could be replaced in Street View with animated, video, or interactive content that's more capable of reaching the user. Third? It's just plain cool. Of course there are possible downsides - irresponsibly designed content may distract or even disorient users, and the replacement of content will probably require all kinds of pain-in-the-butt business negotiations. But if you ask me, things are probably on the right track!
[via Gizmodo (who created the image), and Make]

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