Signing Documents - A mobile, digital solution...

Having gone through a process (buying a house) that involves lots of signing-and-returning various documents, I can testify that that particular process hasn't quite made it to the digital age. You may have to print the unsigned document first, then add your John Hancock, then scan and PDF-ize it before being able to send it back - or more commonly, they'll want you to fax it, not realizing that lots of people these days have completely skipped fax machines. Well, this is a problem that Zosh is trying to solve with an iPhone app: it adds your signature and any other necessary info to any document, and delivers it back to you as a PDF, even letting you directly email whoever needs to receive it. At three bucks, I'd say that's a steal - and I wish I had it a few months ago!
[via Gizmodo]

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