Please Rob Me - Usably cautionary...?

Social media is a new phenomenon, so we're all kinda learning this stuff as we go along. But as Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, and all the others add new features, it's worth considering when things have gone too far - and with location-tagged status updates, a good case can be made that we're there! But how to shock the masses into this realization? Some snarky guys have the answer with their website Please Rob Me, which features real-time updates that unintentionally advertise unattended homes. The aim of the site, of course, is not to get these homes robbed, but instead to prod people enough that they'll think about their status updates. It's an interesting tactic - and usable, I'd say, in the sense that it's both visceral ("holy crap, I can't believe I just left myself open to that!") and viral (note its presence on this site). Not bad. And I'd like to remind all my readers: if I ever make a post suggesting I'm not at home, there's a good chance my pit bull is. Heh heh.
[via I'm Not Actually a Geek]

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