A Better Way to Change Smoke Alarm Batteries

Changing smoke-alarm batteries is a pain in the butt - and the higher the smoke alarm, the worse it is. (I'm thinking of my brother-in-law's house, with one alarm helpfully located in the tallest reach of the entryway tower.) But Ohio State Univeristy junior Trevis Kurz has a solution: a concept for a smoke alarm that can be removed from the ceiling with a broomstick, so battery-changing can occur comfortably on the ground. There's still the issue that most smoke alarms are also hard-wired, but a detaching connector should be easy to integrate. Well done, Trevis - now get someone to make these!
[via Gizmodo]


Just Another Abused Air Traveler said...

Uh Dave, about those hard-wired alarms. I don't think you have to change the batteries as often as the battery-powered ones. They get their juice through those little wires!

As always, love your blog.

Dave Gustafson said...

Really? I thought most were redundant, with both battery AND hardwiring - that's why the damn things keep beeping even after you take the battery out! I may be wrong though... Anyway, thanks for the comment, glad you like the blog!