Clothing as a Gadget Accessory?

With so many accessories being designed to complement our gadgets - cases, skins, dongles, headphones, stands, chargers, the list goes on and on - why not clothes? After all, most gadgets spend at least some time in your pockets - so why not make a pocket that matches the gadget? WTF Jeans - with a name that may inspire its own WTFs - take a stab at just that, with pockets sized to fit iPhones and flash drives. Of course, one could argue that many gadgets have already been designed to fit existing pockets - but maybe a perfect match is even better. There are only two downsides I can think of: (1) when you get a new phone, your jeans may become obsolete. And (2), all the stitching is in Twitter-blue. Ugh.
[via Gizmodo]

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