Screen Rotation Lock - Usability for all positions

Among other innovations, Apple's iPhone introduced (or at least brought to the mainstream) accelerometer-based screen orientation: rotate the device, and the screen will re-orient itself so that up stays up. However, that convenience hasn't always been welcome, especially for users who like to do a little reading in bed - lying down. It's annoying when your head is sideways, and that little screen insists on staying upright! Thankfully, Apple seems to have recognized this not-infrequent use case, and added a "screen rotation lock" button to the upcoming iPad - an especially good idea since the device is meant to be an eBook reader. And I've gotta say, anytime Apple is willing to add a new physical button for a function, they must think it's crucially important! For this case of usability, I wholeheartedly agree.
[via Loop Insight and Gizmodo]

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